Documents and Policies

The church policies are designed to help with the effective management of the church and its ministries, and aid in decision-making by our leadership in accordance with the church constitution and bylaws and under the headship of Christ. We hope that these reflect our understanding that we are a gospel-centered community, grounded in a covenant relationship with God and with one another, and together seeking to obey and honor God.

Legal Documents

Church Constitution

Church Bylaws


Article I – Regarding Borrowing Money

Article II – Regarding Women’s Role in Ministry

Article III – Regarding Marriage, Divorce, and Re-marriage

Children Management Guidelines

CYM Illness Policy

Church Facility Rental Policy and Form

Church Internship Policy

Church Parking Policy

Communion and Baptism Policy

Samaritan Fund Policy

Short Term Missions

Short Term Missions Support Raising Guidelines

Small Group Budget Use

Solicitation Policy

Special Missions Fund Policy

Worship Team Song Offering Policy