About Us

Welcome to Oakland International Fellowship (OIF)!

We are a Christian church located in the universities area of Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Pittsburgh, aspiring to be a multi-ethnic and Christ-centered community.

People come to study, do research, work, and then often leave Pittsburgh to go to another city, or return to their home country.  We believe OIF is strategically placed here by God to impact the lives of those who come through Pittsburgh year after year.  While you are here, we want to be used by God to bless you and see your life transformed by being a part of OIF.  If you have not come to know the amazing grace of God through Jesus Christ, we want to share the good news of restoration and forgiveness from God with you.  If you are a Christian already, we want to help you grow deeper in your faith – in your relationship with God, with one another, and live with a sense of purpose from God to impact the world around you, from here to the nations.

OIF was started by the Pittsburgh Chinese Church Oakland (PCCO) as the English-speaking congregation of PCCO in 2004. We are quite unique among North American Chinese churches in that OIF is made up of a mixture of people from different ethnic backgrounds.  This is due to our founding mission and vision.  Because PCCO and OIF are situated between two major universities, God has called us to create a church that reflects His heart for the nations. OIF wants to be a church home for the many international students and multi-ethnic professionals around the university area.  We want to be used by the God of the nations to impact the nations with the blessings of His amazing grace.  Please come join us!

Our Mission: (Why we exist)

Oakland International Fellowship exists to gather, nurture, and inspire people from all nations in the university area(s) of Pittsburgh to love God, love one another, and love all peoples.

Our Vision: (What do we want to look like?)

We want to see OIF become a place where people from all nations grow together deeper in our faith, stronger as a community, and make a greater impact for God from the university area(s) of Pittsburgh to the nations.

What We Believe

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Here is how you can be involved…

Sunday Worship.  Where people, who have experienced the life changing power of Jesus, come together to celebrate our redemption through singing, the teaching and preaching of God’s Word, and fellowship.

Small Groups Where people of different backgrounds come together to study and apply the Bible, and experience community and friendship.

Discipleship Relationships Where we follow the examples of Jesus and the apostle Paul, developing intentional one to one relationships, meeting together for the purpose of growing in Christ.

Other Activities.  Where we get to know and have fun with each other through activities, such as picnics, ball games at PNC Park, and community service. Please check our website and Facebook group for updates.